Illustration by Willy Pogany

Dr. Paul Carus once wrote, "Not Dogma, but religion. Not creed, but faith." There are those that find comfort in the confines of creed and dogma. Then there are those who feel claustrophobic within those same restraints. Those comforted tend to defend their tenets regardless of those who aren't. It is dangerous to look beyond the well drawn lines, and yet only those that do find the true comfort of their souls. Sadly, it is often the spiritual freedom they find which then become the walls of a new generation.


Heathen Defined

For someone who doesn't like labels, I sure picked a doozy. Suppose if I have, I might as well explain myself. A label loose enough to be comfortable, I take pride in the heritage it carries. I also carry the label with pride as it has been a derogatory term used by all those I least wish to impress. Are we defined by ourselves, or by the antagonists in our lives? I don't have a good answer, but I do have a decent definition.


Pagan Pride

Someone asked my opinion. Well, they did ask for it. This poor girl got an essay responding to her problems with those around her that didn't take her form of spirituality seriously. I dispensed advice like it was Enron stock. Maybe a grain or two of wisdom. You be the judge.