Surprisingly (not) the poll refereed to here has been removed from their web site and replaced by a form which supports their cause against what they call the "gay agenda" by sending a letter to Congress. You'd think with the help I gave them, they'd at least send a thank you note. Well, maybe I'll get a Christmas card this year.

Dear AFA,

I would first like to thank you for providing the on-line poll on homosexual marriages. It has indeed proved to be an excellent barometer of public opinion on the subject. I would also like to commend you for your intent to present your findings to Congress. I am sure that you will, if you have not already, regardless of the outcome. I understand that the poll results may not have come out as you anticipated, still I am sure you will do the Christian thing and stand by your promise. Still, I have done my part to the best of my ability. Of the 500 plus members of Congress, only about 100 have online forms of contact which also allow for contact from voters outside their area. I have forwarded the message below which includes the poll results to those members of Congress I was able to contact. I hope this helps in your efforts to make your findings known to Congress.

Again, thank you for contributing to the enduring democracy of the Internet.
C.T. Thieme

Dear Congressperson,

The statistics below were collected through the American Family Association web site poll. Although they state that they intend to present their findings to Congress, there is no statement that they have yet done so. I am sure that they intend to do just that regardless of the outcome if they have not done so already. Regardless, although I am in no way affiliated with the AFA, I would like to bring the results thus far to your attention. I would also like to commend the American Family Association for supplying this barometer of the public stand on this issue. I hope that you will consider these findings when faced with deciding a stand on this issue.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
C.T. Thieme

I oppose legalization of homosexual marriage and "civil unions" 32.72%
(246451 votes)
I favor legalization of homosexual marriage 59.31%
(446694 votes)
I favor a "civil union" with the full benefits of marriage except for the name 7.97%
(59998 votes)
As recorded by American Family Association web site January 3, 2004 Poll results at:

C.T. Thieme