ere is existence as it has been perceived thus far. For the basis of this argument, I hold this as the definition of truth. Truth is that which is constant. Truth does not change. Truth exists despite all to the contrary. In truth, everything is inconstant. Everything changes. Everything will cease to exist due to something contrary. Therefore, truth is that which is not everything. Nothing is truth. Nothing is constant. Nothing never changes. Nothing never ceases to exist as it never exists. Yet everything is. Everything is the whole sum of all possible and impossible realities, existing or not, dream or solid, abstract or concrete. From everything comes something. Something is composed of everything with a shell of nothing.

I am. I am not all the things I am not. I am not inanimate, yet. I am not vegetable, yet. I am not woman, yet. I am not all things which are not what I am. It is because of all things that I am not that I am what is I. So too, all things which are are because they are not all the things which they are not. Yet they will change. I will be inanimate soon. Many things inanimate will become animate. And all things come from the same pool of everything. A portion of everything is taken, nothing is applied, and by it not being all other things, it is.

There is no moral application to this. A rock is not all things which are not a rock regardless of morality. This is what we grieve for at the loss of another or at the thought of the loss of I. We grieve for nothing, for nothing will be taken away. We will cease to not be all that we are not and return to being all that everything is. I have said before that it is the silence between diamonds that regulates their worth. So too, it is within the precious brevity of existence, of a portion of everything so fine tuned to a momentary form, that we find the value, and because of this, the sense of loss. It is for this same reason that all things can be grieved for due to their loss or the loss of them.

Therefore, I am not true, but I do exist.

We are defined by nothing. Nothing makes us unique. Nothing makes us common. Nothing separates me from you. Nothing separates you from all things. Without nothing, we would be everything. We are by the grace of all that we are not.

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