Despite only a couple centuries of Western American history, Chicago holds as many spectral treasures as any town in Europe. Although it's stereotype as a city of meat-packers with "big shoulders" and gangsters would lead us to believe otherwise, stories abound of apparitions, hauntings and miracles. This page is dedicated not to proving or disproving these, but rather to tell a good story. True or not is up to you. Please take a look at the links and references. These folks have done an excellent job and often provide much more thorough information than what you'll find here. I do promise original pictures taken by yours truly, and there is one location here that's new to the scene that I doubt you'll find anywhere else. In addition, there are maps and guides to getting in and out of the, let's say, more secure locations.   The sites have been divided into four parts:  North, South, West and Central Chicagoland.  East of us is Lake Michigan, so that'll have to wait for scuba certification.  I plan on filling all the sections over time, but I'll only include a location if I have something unique to contribute.  I'm shooting for quality over quantity and hope that's what I deliver.



Heathen's Haven