Interactive Speaking Board

This isn't a game. Here are the basics:

1)Don't take your hand(s) off the mouse till you click "Goodbye".

2)Believe nothing, but don't disrepect. They are lying to you, but that doesn't mean you're not in their house.

3)Watch out for "baiters." The board is much like the bottom of a bass boat and you are the bass. It is not uncommon for more powerful malevolent entities to user weaker and more pitiful entities or pretend to be needing help to draw users in.

4)If it starts to get too strange, click "Goodbye." This is the only way off the page, and there is a reason for that. Don't just close the page.

Enough of the soap box speech. Here's how it works. Follow the "Interactive Speaking Board" link below. The java program will open. Clicking on "Yes", "No", any letter or number will produce the same in the box below. To clear the line, click on the "Clear" tab located in the upper middle of the board. To exit, click "Goodbye" which will return you to this page. Please e-mail me at the address below with any interesting results.

For a more in depth history, visit the Talking Board Museum at: they've done an excellent job.

And if you happen to be in Salem, Mass. you may want to stop by this event:

Interactive Speaking Board

Heathen's Haven

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